Artquest enables visual artists to practice by providing information, advice, opportunities and services at any stage in their careers. With a focus on London for our live programme, our online services are also available to individual professional visual artists and craftspeople living and working anywhere in England.

Helping artists understand the practicalities around making work, how to sell work, ways of finding work and building a network, Artquest ensures artists thrive despite earning some of the lowest incomes in the creative sector. We build a bridge from student experience to sustainable working life, and throughout your professional career.

Artistic practice can feel quite isolated, even in a large city with lots of arts infrastructure like London. At the same time, every artist, at some stage in their careers, needs to know some pretty mundane but vital piece of information to get along. How so I find an accountant? Where can I buy art materials? How much should I charge for my services? How do I claim housing benefit? Where can I find a list of arts residencies? For each of these needs, Artquest can help.

Access to our whole website is free for anyone, anywhere, with no registration or membership required. We don’t run any paid-for advertisements on our site, meaning you get recommendations and opportunities based on quality rather than an organisation’s ability to pay. Our content is 100% written by artists, curators and other visual arts professionals, and all the work we commission is paid for at a fair daily rate. All of our staff are part-time, practicing visual artists.

We are often invited to give talks to fine art students at Higher Education Institutions across the country, for which we charge a fee. Although we try to accommodate as many of these requests as possible, we are unable to guarantee capacity within our small, part-time team. In order to maximise impact of talks, provide useful conversation and to best use our limited staffing resources, attendance at the talk should be a minimum of 40 students. You might also find our Source project useful – providing free teaching materials for fine arts professional development.

Artquest is part of a much bigger, distributed service, provided by our partners and networks. Since 2001, we have worked with over 80 partners nationally and internationally to develop and deliver our services, and maintain over 15 active partner at any one time. This means we are able to avoid duplication of service and help co-ordinate programmes more widely around the sector.

For more details of our projects – including residencies, peer mentoring, internships, publications, conferences, studio exchange and artists online networking, workshop discounts, legal information and talks – take a look at our projects section and archive of everything we’ve ever done.

You are welcome to link to our website to help us reach more artists, and share our content. All of our content except the Artlaw section is distributed under a Creative Commons non-commercial, attribution, share-alike license.

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Our staff are:

Nick Kaplony: after graduating from Camberwell College of Art and having worked as assistant curator at the Arts Gallery London and Pump House Gallery Nick joined the Artquest team in June 2007. Nick is a practicing artist and freelance curator. His areas of expertise include: education and community projects; exhibition marketing; curating; the public gallery sector; funding applications.

Russell Martin: a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art who has lived in London since 1998 where he initially worked extensively in gallery education. His self-initiated projects include peer mentoring, artist-led galleries, radio programmes, and interdisciplinary arts social events. Russell is also a member of the board at Block 336, an advisor for PRAKSIS and a Fellow of the RSA. His areas of expertise include: peer mentoring projects; artist-led spaces; education and community projects; funding applications and general presentation skills; artists networks; negotiation.

Alia Zapparova: a graduate of the University of Westminster and is a practicing artist. She joined Artquest in November 2015.

Artquest launched in 2001, and is a programme of University of the Arts London (UAL), an educational charity and Europe’s largest higher education institution for creative arts subjects. You do not have to be an alumni of UAL to use our services.

Artquest is a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England. Funding from Arts Council England covers all salary and programme costs, with UAL providing additional administrative support. Arts Council support means that we are able to provide all of our content for free.

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