ArtlawTV is an ongoing series of short films commissioned by Artquest to explore many of the legal issues that artists face when making, showing, selling or distributing their work, presented through actual artistic practice.

Each film comprises an interview with an artist about their work, with an overview of the legal implications of their practice by Henry Lydiate, art legal specialist and author of the Artlaw articles.

The films show how artists respond to and overcome different legal problems in their practice - appropriating other people's work, using out-of-copyright material, protecting their work from commercial abuse and working with commissioners - with links to other resources that can help if you encounter the same issues.

David Mabb Art and Appropriation – when does artistic freedom become copyright infringement? with David Mabb
Rene Gimpel Gallery Deals - the artist/gallery relationship with Rene Gimpel
Eileen Simpson and Ben White A Cultural Commons - alternative approaches to copyright and the distribution of material with Eileen Simpson and Ben White
Susanna Heron Site Specific Art - protecting the artist's vision with Susanna Heron
Simon Faithfull Art and Ideas - what does copyright law recognise as art? with Simon Faithfull

Art lawyer: Henry Lydiate
Camera: Donald Bousted
Sound: Christian Burnett
Post production: Best Bits Media
Written and produced by: Lubna Gem Arielle
Commissioned by Artquest

ArtlawTV was supported by Arts Council EnglandSupported by Arts Council England