Gallery education

One of the 'traditional' ways that artists can earn a living is working in a gallery education programme.

Gallery education programmes mostly - but not exclusively - run in publicly funded spaces and are a way for the gallery to engage with their audiences through talks, workshops, residencies or other public projects.

engage is the national association of gallery education, providing information, advice, resources, support and networking opportunities for artists working in gallery education.

Full information of what gallery education is and how to get work in gallery education is on the engage website.

If you decide to pursue work in gallery education, you will be asked to complete a criminal record check when you begin working at a new organisation, if you will be working with vulnerable adults or young people.

Some well known London galleries for education workshops are Camden Arts Centre, Whitechapel Gallery, South London Gallery, Tate and Serpentine.  To find out more, browse our list of galleries and check their websites for details.

See also the interview below with the Young People's Co-ordinator at the South London Gallery:

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