How to use this service

Before sending us your query, please follow the steps below to make sure your query is going to the most suitable advice service.

The Artlaw legal service is free to artists, but Artquest still pays our legal experts for the service they provide. By following the process below, you can ensure we use our resources in the best way.

1. Consult Artlaw articles

Artlaw is an online archive of art law related articles written by Henry Lydiate, originally for Art Monthly magazine. Artlaw articles cover many topics including copyright, studios, contracts, money, patrons, censorship, wills and estates, moral right, resale royalty right and publication.

You can also read our Frequently Asked Quesions that provide basic legal inforamtion.

2. Contact our specialist partners

If your query is about a specialist area covered by one of our partners, please contact them instead of Artlaw.


a-n The Artists Information Company
Tel: 0191 241 8000

Speciaists in: legal advice outside of London to subscribers
Useful subscriber only information and advice for artists across the UK. a-n, the artists information company, publishers of interactive guides including the contract's toolkit (subscriber only), the artist's development toolkit, the artist's fees toolkit and studios toolkit.

The Designers and Artists Copyright Society (DACS)
Tel: 020 7336 8811
Copyright Hotline: 0845 555 1199 (Members of DACS only)
Fax: 020 7336 8822

Specialists in: Copyright to members
DACS (the Design and Artists Copyright Society) promote and protect their member's copyright. They have information on their site about copyright, legal advisors, licensing and becoming a member is now free. 


Specialists in: Intellectual property and licensing
Own It provides information to creative people in London on intellectual property and copyright issues.

3. Send us your query

If you cannot find either the answer to your query from the links above, or another organisation to help you, please send us your query.

Send Artquest your legal query here

Queen Mary University of London Legal Advice Centre

If a single email is not sufficient to respond to your query, we may refer you to our partners at the Legal Advice Centre at Queen Mary University of London.  QMUL LAC help practitioners with intellectual property advice and other aspects of property and employment law, as well as issues over discrimination. Artquest also has a list of Legal Advisors specialised in art & the law.

Please remember that, because of our limited Arts Council England funding, Artlaw can only provide legal advice for artists based in England with a query under English law. If you are based in Scotland, the Cultural Enterprise Office can provide some legal advice by phone.