Robbie Lockwood and Stefan Szczelkun

‘Mixing It Up: An Intergenerational Perspective’ is a series of short films created in partnership by Artquest and New Work Network (NWN).

These films document dialogues between two artists / artist groups from different generations, considering similarities and differences between the contexts, modes and conditions of respective artistic practices from the late 60's and the present day, while also looking at approaches to sustaining practice over the years both from a practical and critical perspective. PLEASE NOTE THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SOME STRONG LANGUAGE.

Stefan Szczelkun is an artist interested in culture and democracy. In the early Seventies he was fortunate to be part of the Scratch Orchestra. His doctoral research into Exploding Cinema collective was completed in 2002. Recently he has produced the collaborative project Agit Disco, published as a book by Mute.

Robbie Lockwood is a Hackney based artist working mostly with sound and video. In collaboration with Lucie Galand, he has been working with the local civil rights group Hackney Unites and is a member of a non-hierarchical art education group AltMFA
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Filming by Fiona Melville. Fiona Melville studied as a fine artist prior to working on documantaries at Carlton Television. Fiona studied Documentary Direction at the National Film and Television School and has since directed, edited and filmed observational documentaries for the BBC, Sky and Channel 4.

Filmed on location at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning.