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Artist’s Resale Right: Ten Years After

‘It is a well known melancholy truth that the tribe of auctioneers, connoisseurs, and picture dealers have monopolised the trade of pictures, and made …

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Do I have to pay tax on the award or grant I have been given?

There continues to be no up to date and definitive answer or ruling to the question of whether prizes and awards will be deemed taxable by the HMRC. I …

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Fair Use

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation recently announced a new Fair Use policy to make images of the artist’s work more accessible to museums, scholars, …

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Film and Video

The Whitechapel Gallery’s current survey show ‘Electronic Superhighway 2016-1966’, is a reflection of the extent to which digital media are now being …

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If two or more artists collaborate on a work of art, which one of them will own the copyright?

Who will own the copyright of the finished work? In the absence of a written contract between the artists, specifying who will be the author(s) of the …

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Moral Lights

Appropriation – without a capital ‘a’ – of images by artists has been common practice throughout art history. Artists whose images are appropriated ca …

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What should I consider when deciding whether or not to sign a written agreement with a gallery?

In particular, should I agree to a 12 month notice period and a commission on sales at exhibitions outside the gallery? The wisdom of signing any busi …

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What works are covered / protected by copyright?

The simple answer is – any original work made in any medium whether visual, musical, dramatic, literary, film, video, TV or sound broadcasts, includin …

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When Collaborators Turn

Marina Abramović is being sued for breach of contract by her former artistic collaborator Ulay over works they jointly created when working and living …

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