Sidestreets Cultural & Educational Initiatives (in Turkish: Arasokaklar)

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29 September 2011
22 Mahkemeler Önü, Lefkosa, Cyprus
+90 (0)392 229-3070

Sidestreets events include art exhibitions and projects, poetry readings, film screenings and analyses, and seminars and round-table discussions with distinguished experts and professionals. Sidestreets also has an artists/ architects-in-residence program, and is working on a range of community initiatives. Sidestreets' Resident Fellows Program was established to support and promote young artists and scholars interested in exploring and researching aspects of modern and urban life, including (but not limited to) the spaces of Nicosia. This project-based program provides artists and scholars with fully-equipped working space within Sidestreets, and helps to raise public awareness of their work, as well as in networking within their own professions. Once accepted, individuals become permanent Fellows of Sidestreets, and their future work is archived at Sidestreets throughout their professional life. Individuals or groups are eligible for Sidestreets residencies; applications (including project proposals with a time-frame, applicants' CVs, and other relevant information) are currently being invited.