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Art Transport & Presentation


Print-on-Demand platforms are fast becoming an important tool for artists, allowing them to test ideas and present work in a professional way through printed books.

Protecting copyright

What is Sculpture?

On 27 July 2011 the UK Supreme Court (UKSC) handed down a landmark judgment that decided the legal meaning of sculpture in UK copyright law.

Money from where?

Exploit your assets

Many artists earn only a small proportion of their income directly from their art practice: but there are many different ways to finance your career.

Copyright can only be 'assigned' (sold or given away) by the execution of a written document signed by the copyright owner.

"Estate planning" is complex and tax laws change frequently and so it is advisable to consult a specialist art solicitor who can help draft up a will or form any trusts as needed.

Frequently asked questions


Licensing can be a useful way to earn extra income by permitting other uses of your work in exchange for money.

Research & Reference


This section contains a listing of some of the best libraries in London

Half a dozen pieces over three decades mark the progress of artists' resale royalty right legislation in Europe, California and the UK.

What can I do to ensure that any prints clearly record my signature and details of the work?

A licensing agreement should include, at a minimum: