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Work with others

Collaborations and happiness

Artquest believes that partnerships and collaborations can bring a huge number of benefits for the artists engaging in them, in terms of sharing of expertise and resources, increased network and peer support.

Show your work

How to be a book artist

Tom Sowden is an artist and a lecturer on the MA Multi-disciplinary Printmaking course at the University of the West of England.

At the half way point of the 2012 LIFE BOAT residency, Isabelle Gressel shares her experiences on how her work patterns have changed since graduation.

How to get an exhibition

Group shows and networking

You might find it useful to join a studio group so as to build your network and put on a group show. Most studio groups have a notice board with opportunities, and members can pool their resources and put on group shows, taking advantage of each other's contacts and networks.

Research & Reference


Blogs are a tool. For keeping up-to-date with developments.