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Many artists earn only a small proportion of their income directly from their art practice: but there are many different ways to finance your career.



As well as earning a living from a job, there are lots of different ways for an artist to make a crust.

Working with commercial galleries

Artists resale rights

Whenever a musician sells a track, they receive a small payment, or royalty, from the transaction. When an artwork is resold on the secondary market by a gallery, dealer or auction house for over €1,000, the artist who made the work is owed a small percentage of the resale value as well.

Artlaw History

Law Online: Artquest

From April 2003, the Artlaw articles published in this column over the past 26 years will be available online at www.

On December 1 1996 a new intellectual property law was passed in the UK which will give galleries, museums, public and private collectors and exhibitors a new economic power over artworks in their possession: Publication Right.

Protecting copyright

Postmodern Artwork

Just like the proverbial long wait at the bus stop and then three buses come along at once, there has been a bumper crop of recent illuminating copyright lawsuits involving works by artists as diverse as Richard Prince, Chapman Kelley, and Marina Abramovic.

Basics of copyright

Art & Copyright

Most UK lawyers know little about intellectual property law, because it has never been a compulsory subject for professional qualification.