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International Art Scenes

Artists' international development fund

This is our quick-and-dirty guide to the Artists' international development fund, a strategic grant funding programme from Arts Council England and the British Council.

Being an Artist in France


There has been an important increase in the creation of artist-run organisations in the last fifteen years in France.

Artist Residencies

UK crafts

Artist Residencies

UK visual art

Ways of Working

Working Internationally

There are an increasing number of overseas bursaries and other opportunities for artists, and with these come the prospect of earning a living as an artist outside the UK.

Artist Residencies

International crafts

International advice services

Overseas sources

For more official sources of information, see the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice by country, or contact UK embassies overseas or foreign embassies in the UK.

International advice services

UK sources

This section lists international advice services for practitioners looking to work abroad.