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Paying tax

Working Tax Credits

Grants and funding

What is a grant?

Grant funding is traditionally the best-known type of funding for artists. Consequently, it is a highly competitive field with many more people applying for grants than can be supported.

How to ...

Grants and funding

Fundraising can be a full-time occupation, so what can you do if you want to get more effective at applying for grants without it taking over your life?.

Financial planning

Spend less

The less money you spend, the less you’ll need to earn or raise. Before you think about raising your income, work out if you can reduce your expenditure.

Everyone has a slightly different situation when it comes to his or her current earning and potential to turn a profit.

There is much confusion over the new VAT rules due to come into force on January 1st 1993 as part of the European Single Market.

Paying tax

Assistance with tax

If you are registered as Self Employed once a year you will need to fill in a tax return – or Self Assessment form, in the HMRC jargon – to let HMRC know how much you have earned, how much your deductions are and what profit you have made.

Government Policies and the Arts

The Next Moves Forward, part 1

For the third time in eight years, I set myself the task of examining the newly-elected Government's past achievements and future policies in relation to the visual arts.

When to pay income tax

Gift Aid: an Arts Boon?

October 1 1990 saw the start of the scheme known as Gift Aid which was announced by the Chancellor the previous March.

Creative businesses

Step 6: Seeing an Accountant

It is sensible to have a meeting with an accountant before you start your business. They can talk you through setting up your accounts and advise you about reclaiming expenses from taxable income.

Government Policies and the Arts

New Administration: Reforms and Innovations

On June 10, the newly-elected Government will begin to plan its legislative programme for the next five years.