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Networking for artists has a bad name, even though it's the most effective way to secure opportunities and a profile.


Live Art

Self-promotion can be considered from two different angles. Project specific promotion for specific events and ongoing or day to day promotion for generally remaining visible in the sector.

Past projects

Projects in 2004

Artquest projects in 2004.

Projects in 2004


Forum was a space for established visual artists and craftspeople to engage in constructive, rigorous and critical discussion on their practice.

Projects in 2003


Artpoints4Ward was a short mentoring project from July-September 2003 for visual artists who are out of work or registered unemployed, but committed to developing their practice as a profession.

Art Directory


Relevant and up-to-date advice sessions, whether organisation-led mentoring or peer group support, can prove invaluable for many artists and craftspeople both critically and personally.