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Since the Chancellor of the Exchequer doubled the VAT rate to fifteen percent, many artists, administrators and gallery proprietors have raised queries about the tax.

Artist-led studios

Second Anniversary Edition

October 1978 marks the second anniversary of the birth of this column and of Art Monthly itself; it also sees the establishment of Artlaw Services Limited, a non-profit distributing company limited by guarantee, registered as a charity to provide legal services for the arts community.

When to pay income tax

'One for you, nineteen for me'

George Harrison's pre-decimalisation crie de coeur is everyone's concern, particularly at this time of the year and especially in the arts when organisations and individuals are busy making up and presenting, accounts and budgets, applying for and awaiting receipt of grants, subsidies, awards and bursaries; and drawing up returns for the taxman.

Artists can receive money from many different sources, e. g. grants, awards and bursaries, as well as earnings from freelance or other employment.

Surviving as an artist

Dear Worried Brown Eyes

This month, I have chosen some of the most prevalent artlaw queries to deal with, in the hope that a wider readership will benefit from the answers given.

How to be self employed


An invoice is basically a bill you send to someone for the amount they owe you for payment of fees.