Use this form to apply for the ART/WORK residency with the Finnish Institute in London and Block 336

Deadline: Monday 12 November 2018 (10am UK time)

Residency period: Monday 7 January – Thursday 7 February 2019
Exhibition: Friday 8 February – Saturday 9 March 2019
Accommodation: Thursday 3 January – Sunday 17 February 2019

Please ensure you are available for the whole residency period before you apply.

Refer to the floor plan and technical specification sheet (PDF) when completing this form, and to Block 336 for information on their programme. Please also read the FAQ information (PDF) for more information on the residency programme before you apply.

  • If you have a website or online CV, please link to it here
  • Please describe your interests in relation to the brief and what you plan to develop and produce for exhibition (3000 characters max)
  • Block 336 has a variety of equipment and technical expertise to support installation of your project over a seven-day period.
    Please refer to the floor plan and technical specification sheet (PDF) when answering this question.
    Please provide a brief explanation of what you require to realise your project (2000 characters max)
  • Please give us a brief introduction to your practice (2000 characters max) or paste a link to a page on your website with your artist statement
  • Please explain why now is a good time for you to do this residency at this stage in your career (2000 characters max)
  • Please provide up to five (5) links to images or video for our selection panel. Note that:
    - if you provide over five links, only the first five can be considered
    - links to video should indicate what point of the video should be watched, as only 2 minutes maximum can be considered
    - links to sound files or work in any other media are acceptable
    - include the title, date, scale, medium of work, and how the works are presented
    - you should include any passwords required to view the links where these are not public
  • Please carefully read the eligibility criteria below before submitting the form
  • - This application form will be used by Artquest and shared with the Finnish Institute and Block 336 for selection only.
    - The form will be stored securely on Artquest servers (in the UK) for a period of 9 months after the deadline, after which it will be permanently deleted.
    - You confirm that all images / videos at the links you have provided have been created by you as the applicant.