ArtlawTV: Rene Gimpel on Gallery Deals

Gallery Deals – the artist / gallery relationship

Art dealer Rene Gimpel of Gimpel Fils considers the relationship between artists and galleries, including contracts, gallery responsibilities and what commercial galleries do for artists.


“There is a real misunderstanding amongst artists that the commission on sales from a gallery should be 50%.”
Henry Lydiate


René Gimpel has been an art dealer for 40 years in a family firm of dealers. The business started in Paris in 1883, moved to London in 1946 and is now back in Paris (galerie gimpel & múller) as well as London (Gimpel Fils). Gimpel has taken an interest in cultural politics over many years, including active support for the implementation of artist’s resale royalties.

Art dealer: René Gimpel
Art lawyer: Henry Lydiate
Camera: Donald Bousted
Sound: Christian Burnett
Post production: Best Bits Media
Written and produced by: Lubna Gem Arielle
Commissioned by Artquest

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