With the extension in copyright to 70 years after the death of an artist and the introduction of the artist’s resale right, it is essential that all artists seriously consider making a Will.

This section focuses on what aspects of an artist’s work need to be protected and should ensure that when you are instructing your solicitor to prepare your Will that you are have considered all of the issues.  You will in most cases own the copyright in your work, an intangible right to leave your heirs, but a potentially valuable one, as your work may appreciate in value.

Artists’ Estate Management

During their early careers, planning for posterity is a low priority for most artists. But as careers develop, especially if market and/or critical successes are achieved, what should happen to works… Continue Reading Artists’ Estate Management

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The Artist’s Estate

A tale of an ill-drawn Will and 798 paintings was told in this column 40 years ago following a New York State court’s 1975 decision in favour of Mark Rothko’s children, who had contested their father’… Continue Reading The Artist’s Estate

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Catch-22 Inheritance Tax

The absolute certainty of death and taxes poses an unavoidable estate-planning question for owners of artworks: how will they be valued for inheritance tax purposes? A recent valuation dispute between… Continue Reading Catch-22 Inheritance Tax

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