Censorship exists to suppress the whole or parts of books, films, letters, news and art etc, on grounds of obscenity, sedition or any other grounds likely to offend.

It is a common fallacy that we enjoy unfettered freedom of expression in the UK: we do not.

All artists need to be aware of this fact when they seek to push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable in their work, because where the civil and criminal laws are transgressed, an art work can at the very least be withdrawn from an exhibition, and at worst the artist can find him or herself facing criminal prosecution.

Guides to Interpretation

The complicated issues of how legal frameworks impact on artistic freedom of expression are explored in a new series of guides covering counter terrorism, public order, child protection, race and reli… Continue Reading Guides to Interpretation

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Time, place, social values and mores are the themes of these pieces, as they explore specific incidents where artworks have been the subject of threatened or actual 'censorship' These works, a… Continue Reading Censorship

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Cell Block

Dear Prisoner 035178 You will have wondered why you failed to receive your April copy of Art Monthly (#235), which was posted to you as usual last month. It was received at the prison on April 20, but… Continue Reading Cell Block

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Last month’s Late Item (AM 145), “Three little words’, is reproduced here in full since it succinctly sets out a serious incident which we will explore, in more detail: ‘On March 22, an exhibition of… Continue Reading F**K

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Drawing the Line

Because one figure was undressed This little drawing was suppressed. It was unkind, but never mind, Perhaps it was all for the best. * Ms Jennifer Rock was shocked when I answered the phone, especiall… Continue Reading Drawing the Line

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Private Views: Right Problem, Wrong Law

All too often artists and arts professionals look at a controversial image, conclude that the Law, specifically copyright law, must have something to say about it, must provide an answer. In the case… Continue Reading Private Views: Right Problem, Wrong Law

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Sensation and All That

Do the laws of freedom of speech apply to images? How do laws recognise cultural differences between different countries? Should everything be allowed to be exhibited? If not, how do we regulate? How… Continue Reading Sensation and All That

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