Contracts used by artists in a variety of circumstances such as:

  • Artists residencies
  • Selling directly
  • Gifting artwork
  • Selling Editions and Series
  • Authenticity Certificates

Foreign Affairs

This article written in 1981 raises many still-relevant issues on applying for Opportunities. The American Painters in Paris Exhibition fiasco, raises serious artlaw questions. Starting from the begin… Continue Reading Foreign Affairs

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Tate Da Vinci Code Pollock

 the publishers of The Da Vinci Code have successfully defended a breach of copyright claim against them in London's High Court, and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation is currently in dispute wit… Continue Reading Tate Da Vinci Code Pollock

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Caveat Emptor

In relation to an artwork, what is the meaning of: an original a reproduction an original reproduction a multiple original a print an original print an edition a limited edition and does it matter? So… Continue Reading Caveat Emptor

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Artists’ Residencies

At this time of global economic downturn, when governments across the world and especially in developed economies are committing vast sums of public money to prevent unemployment, some money is being… Continue Reading Artists’ Residencies

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Beware of Artists Bearing Gifts

It is still common and customary practice for artists to donate works to friends, family, museums and galleries. And it is equally common that such gifts are executed by informal methods, which can an… Continue Reading Beware of Artists Bearing Gifts

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Editions or Series: Artists Be Clear

Misunderstandings and disputes often arise when two people interpret the same situation in different ways. Assumptions are usually the root cause; full, frank, and clear dialogue between the parties,… Continue Reading Editions or Series: Artists Be Clear

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