The articles in this section deal with contracts useful for all type of commissions, either private and public.

The ownership of public commissions, artists collaborating with architects for major commissions and the legalities of Private Commissions are some of the topics covered in this section.

Art and Architecture

The art and architecture debate continues, with priority being given to the encouragement of collaboration and the desirability of obtaining large-scale architectural commissions. The actual execution… Continue Reading Art and Architecture

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Public Art Commissions: Part 2

Last month’s column continues. Phase 2: Fabrication, fees and costs In this phase, the parties will be contemplating their having a successful design/model/maquette which will need to be fabricated; i… Continue Reading Public Art Commissions: Part 2

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Anticipating Future Uses of Work

A traditional assumption of many commissioners, owners and users of artworks is that artists should consider themselves lucky, even privileged, to have been paid for doing what they enjoy and therefor… Continue Reading Anticipating Future Uses of Work

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