This section refers to the historical development of Copyright Law prior to the introduction of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

It covers out-of-date legislation, and is included for the sake of completeness of the archive – it is not concerned with current copyright law.

Copyright Law

The law of copyright is vast and complicated: what follows is a brief outline of the law as it affects visual artists who should seek professional legal advice on any problems they may have. What is c… Continue Reading Copyright Law

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Private Investigations

It’s a mystery to me – the game commences for the usual fee – plus expenses confidential information – it’s in a diary this is my investigation – it’s not a public inquiry* Back from the motorway the… Continue Reading Private Investigations

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New Legal Rights

Parliament gives artists two new legal rights: to earn extra cash from their work; and to exert exclusive aesthetic control over it. ‘These rights are given to all artists for their lifetime and pass… Continue Reading New Legal Rights

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Ignorantia Lex Non Fit Defensia

Copyright in the visual arts is the inherent right of a creator over his/her artistic work to prevent other people copying that work. I received a novel and remarkable press release last month, issued… Continue Reading Ignorantia Lex Non Fit Defensia

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