Acquiring copyright is not always clear-cut.

This is particularly true in the case of photography of other objects, where the issue is whether the photographer has originated the work or merely copied the work of another artist as part of a mechanical process.

A collaborative work, by its nature, involves more than one author, and has the potential for disputes over who is entitled to the copyright on works produced.

Collaborative Works

Tracey Emin’s recent dispute with a north London primary school over the ownership and authorship of an artwork raised an interesting public debate, much of it focusing on the market value of art: ‘A… Continue Reading Collaborative Works

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Joint Enterprise

During the 40 years following the Boyles’ partnership, increasing numbers of visual artists in the UK have chosen that way of working. ‘Boyle Family’ is a retrospective exhibition marking the 40th ann… Continue Reading Joint Enterprise

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Photographing Art Collections

In May 2007 a conference was held in London to discuss a leading court judgment, made in 1999, which ruled that exact photographic copies of public domain images could not be protected by copyright be… Continue Reading Photographing Art Collections

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Public Sculpture

Sculptures situated in public places can easily be photographed, filmed, or drawn without the knowledge of the sculptor, and such two-dimensional reproductions might equally easily be merchandised com… Continue Reading Public Sculpture

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Performance Art

In 1964 Joseph Beuys gave an improvised 30-minute performance broadcast live on Germany’s second public television channel ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), which he called Marcel Duchamp’s Silence I… Continue Reading Performance Art

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3D Artworks

The 1977 movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was the subject of a recent lengthy trial at the High Court in London, at the heart of which lay the fiendishly difficult question of what – in English… Continue Reading 3D Artworks

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