No artist creates their work in a vacuum; there are influences of other artists’ works, as well as works of literature, cinema, theatre, design and advertising, to name a few.

Some of this may be deliberate – in the case of collage, for example – or it may be a subconscious act of the artist, but in either case the appropriation of artwork created by a third party may expose the artist to an action for copyright infringement or, even worse, prosecution for forgery.

Artists are not the only ones who may wish to copy art works, as public art galleries are now keen to use images of the works in their collections to make extra income – such as using reproductions on postcards or other merchandise.

Conservation Questions

Ethical practices of art conservation have become a renewed subject of debate following publication of a pre-conservation image of Salvator Mundi, c1500, which was recently attributed to Leonardo da V… Continue Reading Conservation Questions

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Fair Image Use Fees  

Just as the industrial revolution radically transformed the world during the 18th and 19th centuries, the digital revolution is affecting most areas of life in the 21st century. Keeping pace with the… Continue Reading Fair Image Use Fees  

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Orphan Works 2

On 29 October 2014 the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Licensing of Orphan Works) Regulations 2014 came into force to create a new UK scheme for licensing use of orphan works of all creative art… Continue Reading Orphan Works 2

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Appropriation Art and Fair Uses

‘Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.’ So wrote TS Eliot in The Sacred Wood in 1920. His epigram was probably adapted from Igor Stravinsky’s comment that ‘a good composer does not imitate; he s… Continue Reading Appropriation Art and Fair Uses

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Making Waives

A gallery which advertises a work for sale is allowed to make reproductions without the copyright owners’ permission. But it is not allowed to generally merchandise; catalogues or posters which are su… Continue Reading Making Waives

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Questions of Attribution

Richard Hamilton took part in a discussion, ‘The Legacy of Duchamp’, at Tate Britain in early May 2003. This pointed up many interesting reflections on contemporary visual practice, including the trac… Continue Reading Questions of Attribution

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Appropriation of Media

In the endless search for new ideas and forms of expression, artists are increasingly embracing the use of contemporary technologies: the internet, computer hardware and software, film, video, digital… Continue Reading Appropriation of Media

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New UK Legislation Part 1

Significant changes were made to UK copyright law on October 31, 2003, of which copyright owners, licensees, and other would-be users of copyright works need to be aware. The Copyright and Related Rig… Continue Reading New UK Legislation Part 1

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Claim it From DACS

£300,000 is available to meet artists’ claims for unauthorised use of their copyright works by publishers and broadcasters in the UK. The money has been collected by the DACS, the Design and Artists C… Continue Reading Claim it From DACS

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Knockin’ on Hebborns Door

A new faker king has been crowned. Mama take this badge off of me I can’t use it any more. It’s gettin’ dark, too dark for me to see I feel like I’m knockin’ on heavens door.* On 20 Oct the Mail on Su… Continue Reading Knockin’ on Hebborns Door

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