No artist creates their work in a vacuum; there are influences of other artists’ works, as well as works of literature, cinema, theatre, design and advertising, to name a few.

Some of this may be deliberate – in the case of collage, for example – or it may be a subconscious act of the artist, but in either case the appropriation of artwork created by a third party may expose the artist to an action for copyright infringement or, even worse, prosecution for forgery.

Artists are not the only ones who may wish to copy art works, as public art galleries are now keen to use images of the works in their collections to make extra income – such as using reproductions on postcards or other merchandise.

Is Your Copying Right?

An important and valuable one-day seminar entitled ‘Copyright: Is Your Copying Right?’ was recently organised by the Institute of Art and Law, in association with the Art Newspaper and artlaw speciali …

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Stamp of Approval

The Stamp Art and Postal History of Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez de Luna was recently published in the US and makes fascinating reading. The authors are mail artists, who teamed up in 1994 t …

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On March 5, 2005, in central London two separate events took place: each focused on artlaw and different ways of appropriating the law into the form and content of artists’ works. The first was jointl …

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Advertising and marketing art: Copyright confusion

If a work of art is on display, for sale or simply on public viewing, can the gallery owner or administrator reproduce it, in a catalogue, on a postcard or on a flyer without the copyright owner’s per …

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In Defence of the Image

Does copyright law stifle creativity, or does it protect and encourage creativity by enforcing the legal and moral rights of original authors? ‘A good composer does not imitate, he steals.’ Igor Strav …

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New UK Legislation Part 2

Amended ‘permitted acts’: criticism, review, and news reporting Fair dealing with copyright works for the purposes of criticism or review have long been ‘permitted acts’, provided a sufficient acknowl …

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Common Sources

Jack Vettriano’s oil painting, Reach Out and Touch (February/June), 2003, was sold last year for around £35,000. It depicts a rear view of the artist, bespectacled and wearing a white collared s …

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Orphan Works 1

These sensible arrangements were developed through international copyright treaties and conventions signed over the past 100 years or so, whereby governments of most of the world's nation states a …

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