The creation, ownership, disposal, damage, sale or loss of an artwork can give rise to a variety of disputes.  In addition, there are a number of circumstances where your artwork and liability to the public should be considered.

Deciding upon the correct level and type of insurance policy is vital.  This includes the need to insure your work when entering it for any type of exhibition, including during transit and possibly even in the gallery.

The majority of competitive group exhibitions will have exclusion clauses incorporated into the entry form; rather than enter into a discussion with organisers as to whether such clauses are enforceable it would be better to rely upon your own insurance arrangements.  This then leaves your insurers to pursue any individual, gallery or organiser that damages your work, instead of having that responsibility yourself.

Dire Straits: in the gallery

Although great strength and power can be drawn from legal information and knowledge, the processes of applying and using the law are often regarded as too cumbersome, complex and costly to be of any r… Continue Reading Dire Straits: in the gallery

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Authenticity Certificates Value

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Dealing in Fakes

Since the criminal prosecution of the late and celebrated Tom Keating in the 80s, the UK has not experienced serious allegations of sales of forged or counterfeit artworks although there was in recent… Continue Reading Dealing in Fakes

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After Sales

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Nightmare of Planning Laws: Westminster City Council V Time Life

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Art and Money

Warhol's US dollar bills were sold for more than their denominational value; and Duchamp paid his dentist's bill by drawing a 400F note which was accepted in payment. What do you think of the… Continue Reading Art and Money

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The Values of Insurance

Valuing artworks for any purpose can be a headache. Firstly, there is what might be termed intrinsic value – many hours can be enjoyed arguing on an intellectual basis, but there is no universally app… Continue Reading The Values of Insurance

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“'There must be some way out of here', said the joker to the thief, 'there's too much confusion, I can't get no relief. Businessmen they drink my wine, ploughmen dig my earth, none… Continue Reading Severance

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