The creation, ownership, disposal, damage, sale or loss of an artwork can give rise to a variety of disputes.  In addition, there are a number of circumstances where your artwork and liability to the public should be considered.

Deciding upon the correct level and type of insurance policy is vital.  This includes the need to insure your work when entering it for any type of exhibition, including during transit and possibly even in the gallery.

The majority of competitive group exhibitions will have exclusion clauses incorporated into the entry form; rather than enter into a discussion with organisers as to whether such clauses are enforceable it would be better to rely upon your own insurance arrangements.  This then leaves your insurers to pursue any individual, gallery or organiser that damages your work, instead of having that responsibility yourself.

Polaroid: The Gift That Doesn’t Keep Giving

Clear and unambiguous documentary evidence of such gifts is needed for the recipient to be sure that the object received was a gift after all – and the reason it was given. These issues are at the hea… Continue Reading Polaroid: The Gift That Doesn’t Keep Giving

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Public Art Liabilities

Within four days of the opening to the public of Ai Weiwei’s interactive installation, Sunflower Seeds, 2010, at Tate Modern, the public was prevented from walking on 100m handcrafted life-sized porce… Continue Reading Public Art Liabilities

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Down in the Flood

Well, it’s sugar for sugar And salt for salt, If you go down in the flood, It’s gonna be your own fault. * Or is it? The Conditions of Entry said: ‘Works submitted for consideration are at all times a… Continue Reading Down in the Flood

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The Momart Fire

At 3.40am on Monday May 24 2004 fire fighters received the alarm call, and the blaze at one of Momart’s warehouses lasted five days. Media coverage was extensive and worldwide, for what was a devastat… Continue Reading The Momart Fire

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Damage to Work

Damage to work can be a real problem, particularly when it’s discovered during a show. Although artists and galleries tend to rely on insurance companies to pay for restoration costs, there have been… Continue Reading Damage to Work

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Loaner Beware

This is a very unusual step for any artist to take in the UK. How have these circumstances arisen, what is the likely outcome, and what lessons can be learned by artists, collectors and galleries? The… Continue Reading Loaner Beware

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