California: an interview with Bunnie Reiss

A recent addition to the Los Angeles art community after a move down state from her old stomping ground of Oakland, Bunnie Reiss has set up studio and home in the district of Echo Park. We meet to talk about her recent transition and how she’s finding the new neighbourhood.

Part 1: Bunnie tells us about the motivations behind her recent move to Los Angeles, as well as her love of moving around and how it impacts the storytelling in her work.

Part 2: We hear about Bunnie’s creative community in Los Angeles and how her former creative community shaped the person and artist she is today.

Part 3: We discuss the balance Bunnie attempts to gain between having a sustainable, personal art practice and making a living.

Part 4: Bunnie tells us about her inspirations in her personal history, magic and storytelling.

Part 5: Bunnie explains the importance of making sure her work is affordable for all and we discuss the many different ways to be artist.


Bunnie Reiss was interviewed by Amy Moffat for her article in issue one of Junko, Junko California. This is an edited version of the original article. Images are also by Amy Moffat. Issue two, Junko Iceland, will be out in spring 2017.Follow Junko on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


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