Thanks for agreeing to answer a few additional questions after your FLAMIN application.

Data from this survey will be shared between four partners: Artquest, Art Licks, Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network and New Contemporaries. You have got to this page because you have completed an application to FLAMIN. Artquest is a programme of University of the Arts London (UAL); data will not be shared with other UAL programmes.

None of the answers you fill in here can be linked back to your application, and your responses will not affect your application in any way. All data is collected anonymously and stored on a secure server.

We are working together to better understand how we can advocate for your work, the conditions and context in which artists operate, and how we can improve our programmes.

Please answer as many questions as you are able: even ‘incomplete forms help us to build a picture of the issues and barriers that artists face. The form should take about 5 minutes to complete and your participation is invaluable in helping us develop and improve.

Art Licks

Film London Artist Moving Image Network

New Contemporaries