First steps for new graduates: studios, promotion, networks and exhibitions

Maintaining a career as an artist can be a complex and nuanced affair that requires a lot more than simply making good work. These presentations by artists and industry professionals examined and demystified key areas aside from their practice that artists need to consider to forge their careers

First steps after graduation with Michael Cubey, assistant director at Bow Arts Trust

After the intense activity and buzz of your degree shows the period after can feel like a strange limbo or an abrupt stop. This period is actually vital in getting your practice going.

Artists promotional toolkit with Artquest’s Nick Kaplony

This talk identifed the essential tools that artists need to succeed from artists’ statements and CVs to the importance of an online presence and more.

Understanding networks with artist Melanie Stidolph

The term ‘network’ can be off-putting to many, but in the arts your relationships with your peers has more bearing on your career than in many other sectors. This talk dismissed many of the myths around networking and gave an insight into the practical role that your working relationships can play.

Showing your work with Rosalind Davis, artist and curator

Exhibitions are highly prized opportunities for artists, but what role do they play in your career? How do you get an exhibition at a gallery and what can you do yourself to make an exhibition happen? Rosalind Davis is a practising artist, writer, curator and co-manager of ZeitgeistArtsProjects.

Your rights as an artist with guest presentation by Aaron Wood of Briffa

In pretty much any professional situation it’s vital for artists to understand their legal rights and what they need to do to protect themselves. This presentation looked at key issues that you need to consider from contracts to copyright and your obligations when operating in the world as a professional arts practitioner.

Aaron Wood is a Head of Trade Marks and Brand Protection at Briffa and is a Registered Trade Mark and Design Attorney.  Aaron has more than 11 years’ experience in the field of Intellectual Property and has worked with a number of major brands in the arts and entertainment sector in relation to exploitation of their work.


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