Benefits for self-employed people

There are some benefits you can claim while working, whether employed or self employed, although these will soon change with the roll-out of Universal Credit.

JobSeeker’s Allowance is available if you are working less than 16 hours per week, which is averaged for self employed people.

Any eligible person can claim tax credits, if you are working over 16 hours per week and getting paid for this work.  In addition, you need to be 16 or over and responsible for a child or disabled, or 25 or over and working 30 hours per week.  You can also get them if you are over 50 and recently started work, depending on the benefits you received before you found employment.  The amount of tax credits you might get depends on your income as well, and this online tool can help you calculate how much, if any, you might be entitled to.

An excellent overview of much of this information, and a lot more, can be found on the Citizen’s Advice Bureau website.

If you’re self-employed and claiming tax credits or Housing Benefit, you will be eventually moved onto Universal Credit when it is introduced in your area. The Money Advice Service has a comprehensive guide of how this process will work.


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