Benefits of running crits and peer mentoring online

As well as the usual benefits of peer mentoring, there are opportunities presented by an online context.

  • Cost– If you already have a computer with video/audio capabilities and adequate internet connection, arguably, running crits online cost less. Removing the need for presentation equipment, venue hire and refreshments means the only likely expenditure is for use of an online platform (depending on the length of your meetings and the number of participants, many can be can be used for free) and if you’re inviting a guest facilitator outside of your usual crit group you’ll need to pay them a fee. Securing venues, equipment and similar also take time and negotiation with host venues, so not having to worry about this cuts out the middleman and wins back some time.
  • Time / Flexibility – Even though more preparation is required, because online crits are shorter and people can participate from their own home, they require less of a time commitment from participants. It should be recognised though, that for those with caring responsibilities participating in online events from home can bring their own challenges and sessions may need to accommodate interruptions and similar
  • Accessibility – Removing the need meet to meet in person might make online crits more accessible to those with physical access requirements, reducing cost, time and inconvenience of travelling. Running crits online present different challenges for other access requirements though, so always check with your participants what their needs are. Deaf participants may require BSL (British Sign Language) assistance for example. Some online platforms might provide subtitling support also.
  • Geographical Reach – Not having to be in the same room means the make-up of the group is less limited by geographical location. (as long as you arrange meetings at times that work for international participants in different time zones). Remember you can use Exchange, Artquest’s online community to find artists all over the world.



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