Corporate art collections

There can be some good opportunities for artists to sell or rent their work to corporations.

Although the security concerns of many companies mean the audience will be limited in size, work in a corporate collection gives an artist exposure to a potentially wealthy sector of society, including potential collectors with the means to buy. This exposure and awareness may be enhanced where there are opportunities for artists to go in and talk about their work to staff, and may even result in some sales.

As a first step, contact the corporate affairs and human resources departments of companies as well as the facilities managers. Architects and designers often influence the choice of art, and for many companies art consultants play a key role in the selection of art and development of an art programme. Artists should therefore ensure that their work is represented to art consultants, as well as in the national Axisweb art register or on their own website. Works should always be well photographed and made available in digital format and website usage.

There is a strong move towards the integration of art into the design of new buildings, and this can often lead to opportunities for site-specific commissions, even if the company concerned is not going to build up a more extensive art collection.

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