Documentation of work

The most important thing when approaching galleries is to present your work professionally. It’s easy to forget that when you talk to a gallery you are talking to a business.

In the long term, poor presentation material will lose you opportunities and money. A body of work  takes a huge amount of time and effort – invest in having a professional photographer (or a friend who’s good with a camera) take high quality digital images that can printed where required for catalogues or invitations.  In order to attract dealers, gain exhibitions and develop good quality promotional material it is essential that you have the best quality images possible.

Great photographs also help to create a good website, as nowadays it is vital for an artist to have some kind of online presence. Setting up websites and buying domain names can be done very easily online, or setting up a blog or social network may be more appropriate to your interests and skills.

Registering with artists’ indexes or galleries can be relatively inexpensive and bring you into a community of artists and curators.  Axisweb, for example, is an online database showcasing and promoting artists and curators, with registration by selection and on payment of an annual fee.


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