Finding a venue for peer mentoring

Where you decide to have your peer mentoring meetings is crucial.

BLUNT - Peer Mentoring Group in the Studio. Image courtesy Sabrina Fuller

BLUNT peer mentoring group in the studio during the Lifeboat residency. Image courtesy Sabrina Fuller

Different kinds of venue you might use could be:

  • A small gallery you have links with
  • A room in a local community centre
  • Private room above a bar
  • Artist studio
  • An appropriate publicly accessible place (such as the Royal Festival Hall, or Barbican Centre)

It needs to:

  • Be as geographically convenient for attending members as possible and accessible by public transport
  • Be large enough (with enough furniture) to accommodate your members comfortably
  • Be appropriate for showing the material the session’s artist presenter and/or visiting speaker is showing.
  • Be quiet / private enough to be conducive for open conversation
  • Be open at the times your meeting is running
  • Having the meetings in a flat is not recommended; the atmosphere tends to be too relaxed for serious conversation.

Some venues that you or members have a good relationship with, may be able to help with organisation, or equipment such as laptops or projectors.

You may decide to use different venues each month, or host them all in your studio, or at the studios of other members. If one of your guests has an exhibition, you might want to arrange with the gallery to have it there. Having a regular venue that you can count on will make organising the meetings much simpler.


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