Online crits – practicalities and processes

When thinking about the nuts and bolts of your online crit, consider the following questions and inform your participants and facilitators of the details. Check our crit models and read the case studies from 12ø collective and artist Chloe Cooper to see how different models approach these questions.

  • What time do you want people to arrive to ensure that the session starts on time?
  • What happens if attendees are late?
  • Who will be presenting?
  • How will participant images be shared?
  • How will those presenting be notified if they are running out of time?
  • What happens if participants run over time?
  • How will participants indicate that they want to talk or contribute?
  • Who do they contact you if they have any questions?
  • Where can participants learn more about the platform you are using?
  • Is there technical support available if people run into problems?
  • What technical guidance can you give in advance to pre-empt and prevent any issues?
  • What should people do if they can no longer attend?
  • Are any elements of the session being recorded? How do people opt out of this?
  • Will participant’s contact details be shared with each other and how?

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