Online crits – resources required

This article outlines the things you’ll need to run an online crit / peer mentoring session

Participating artists – You can invite participants from existing networks or you can put out a call – in which case you’ll also need an online registration platform. Artquest’s online community Exchange is also a useful tool to find artists. Read the 12ø collective case study on online crits for more ideas on this.

Administrator/Coordinator – An administrator is the lynchpin of your online crit. They are responsible for much of the preparation, communicating with participating artists, and moderators to ensure everyone knows how things are supposed to run.

Facilitator– The facilitator is a key role on the day of the crit and before, liaising with presenting artists and admin / moderators . They chair the meeting and keep time, managing conversation and feedback.  Decide who the facilitator is in advance of the session. If you are a regular meeting group of artists you can take turns in facilitation (In which case – get previous facilitator/s to share their experiences) or you can also invite an external facilitator much like a guest critter in a peer mentoring group.

Crit moderator – The moderator looks after the technical aspects on the day: they might monitor the chat, fielding questions that come up, or assist participants with any technical issues. They ensure the practicalities run smoothly so all the facilitator has to do is concentrate on the feedback. If there is a participant who behaves unacceptably and breaches the sessions code of conduct it’s the moderator’s role address this or, if needed, remove them from the session.

Online meeting platform – You’ll need an online platform to meet. Some of the most widely used ones are listed below, But there are many others. 

Whatever you choose make sure you, your facilitator and your participants are familiar with how it works, and whether they need to register for an account before the crit. Share instructional videos and resources with everyone beforehand and whoever is moderating on the day should do a test run.

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