Peer mentoring group planning meeting

Once you have your peer mentoring group participants confirmed, it’s a good idea to get everyone together for a planning meeting. This meeting is not about showing work but to get a majority consensus on how the group should run.

Blunt collective - peer mentoring meeting - Image courtesy Sabrina Fuller

Blunt collective – peer mentoring meeting – Image courtesy Sabrina Fuller

Pick a central meeting venue, invite all members and decide on a date and time that works for the majority using a doodle poll.

Send an agenda which outlines the points that will be covered to everyone at least two weeks in advance of the meeting and ask those who are not able to attend to share their thoughts via email. This will help members understand what decisions will be made so they can prioritise their attendance, or give their thoughts another way.

Key things to decide at a planning meeting are:

  • Who the organiser will be and what they’ll do
  • What members want to get out of attending
  • How long the group will commit to regularly meeting for
  • How often the meetings will take place
  • How long the meetings will last, how they will be structured and will any feedback models will be used
  • Set dates and times of meetings over the period you’re agreeing to meet
  • Suggestions for meeting venues and guest speakers if appropriate
  • Under what circumstances will meetings be cancelled. Is there a minimum number of attendees required for them to go ahead?

Agreeing all this at the start of the process means that future meetings can focus on practice rather than discussion around administrative issues for the group.

Once decisions are reached, clarify and reinforce them by sending an email confirming what’s been decided. Then stick to them. You can always arrange another planning meeting to review what’s working well and how the group is run every 6 – 12 months for example.

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