Richard Kirk: CEO, PolyPhotonix and fine art graduate

Richard Kirk used to be a painter based in France, and is now the CEO of PolyPhotonix, a technology research company.

Richard makes the transition between being an artist to a businessman seem almost seamless and describes how he uses the same willingness to take risks now, as he did as when he was a painter.

With over 10 years experience in the field of printed electronics, Richard is well recognized as a pioneer in organic light. In his previous role as managing director of Elumin8, an electroluminescent (EL) manufacturing company, he championed the integration of printed electronics in architectural, automotive and product design. He is credited for many world’s first’ applications using EL lighting. He is a regular key note speaker internationally and sits on a number of advisory boards. With an early life as a successful artist in France, Richard has a thorough understanding of the creative process and a unique view on the development of markets for organic light.

This film was commissioned by Artquest as part of An Arts Foundation, six filmed interviews with a diverse group of individuals who have all gone through an art school education but have shifted career-path later in life. 


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