Jo Heckett: your online showcase

Past Project 2012

Is your website doing the job of selling your work? And do you know what you need to do if you hold customers’ data? Or who owns copyright in your website?

Showing and selling your work online is an important step in building a sustainable business. If you go down the route of identifying and commissioning a web designer, ensure that terms of your agreement with your designer are clear – covering copyright, design and functionality, time frame and payment. Draft terms and conditions and a privacy policy with the help of a lawyer and then provide excellent customer service and your online showcase will be a success – both legally and commercially.


  • I run a website – what do I need to know about IP?
  • How to protect your work online
  • Your work on the web and how to protect it
  • Who owns the copyright in the photograph?
  • Copyright : The basics


Designer: Jo Heckett
Lawyer: Alexander Papakyriacou, Briffa
Camera: Donald Bousted
Camera Assistant: Alex Hedley
Post Production: Best Bits Media Ltd
Produced by Silvia Baumgart
Narrated by Nick Kaplony
Photos by Jo Heckett and Sussie Ahlburg
Filmed at Cockpit Arts and the Business Design Centre
Commissioned by Own-it