Website: https://exhibbit.com/home/

Online gallery builder with monthly option of between 15 – 65 USD per month.

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Open Exhibits

Website: http://openexhibits.org/

Open Exhibits is a multitouch, multi-user tool kit that allows you to create custom interactive exhibits. The strength of this application is developing online and interactive exhibits with digital ob… Continue Reading Open Exhibits

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Website: http://kitmapper.com/

For artists who own or want to rent audio visual kit, a digital SLR, a PA system, or maybe even a 16mm projector. List your kit on KitMapper and you gain access to a network of trusted users looking t… Continue Reading KitMapper

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The Block

Website: http://the-block.org

Various monitors for hire to artists exhibiting video work. Prices range between £50 – £100 per week per monitor depending on size.

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Rhizome Archive

Website: http://archive.rhizome.org/

Archive of works of internet art, as well as unique microsites from events, publications, exhibitions, and projects from Rhizome’s past.

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Computer Arts Society

Website: http://www.computer-arts-society.com/

The Computer Art Society (CAS) was founded in 1968 and holds archives of significant pre-1980 material.  Wider interests include the archiving, studying and presenting of Computer Arts and the network… Continue Reading Computer Arts Society

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Website: http://www.chinwag.com

They provide resources and forum for discussion for new media professionals & entrepreneurs, including recruitment, events & training, advertising, marketing, wireless, broadband, mobile, digi… Continue Reading Chinwag

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Clear Cut Pictures

Website: http://www.clearcutpictures.com

Complete digital post-production facilities all under one roof.

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CTHEORY: an international journal of theory, technology and culture

Website: http://www.ctheory.net

CTHEORY is an international peer-reviewed journal of theory, technology and culture, publishing articles, interviews, event-scenes and reviews of key books.

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Website: http://www.furtherfield.org

Platform for the creation, promotion, and criticism of digital / net art. Furtherfield collaborates with artists, programmers, writers, activists, musicians and thinkers who explore beyond traditional… Continue Reading Furtherfield

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