Whirled Art

Website: http://www.whirledart.co.uk

Established in 2001 Whirled Art Productions is a not-for-profit community based organization which aims to support artists and arts organizations in the production, promotion and distribution of their… Continue Reading Whirled Art

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Archive of Virtual Art

Website: http://www.digitalartarchive.at/nc/home.html

The Database of Virtual Art documents the rapidly evolving field of digital installation art. This complex, research-oriented overview of immersive, interactive, telematic and genetic art has been dev… Continue Reading Archive of Virtual Art

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Website: http://www.lighthouse.org.uk

The Lighthouse mission is to provide high quality creative and professional development Opportunity for aspiring and practising filmmakers, screenwriters, animators and artists working with digital an… Continue Reading Lighthouse

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Big Sky Studio

Website: http://www.bigskylondon.com

Film studios for hire. Will hire equipment out if provided with a list. Flexible opening hours.

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Website: http://www.lux.org.uk

LUX is a not-for-profit organisation established to promote and support artists’ moving image work both in the UK and internationally. Its archive is made up from the film and video collections of its… Continue Reading LUX

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Website: http://www.crumbweb.org

New media curators resource, listing seminars and events around the country, and interviews with professionals. Also downloadable resources such as: Technical Guide for Exhibiting New Media Art.

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Website: http://www.luxonline.org.uk

Luxonline is the single most extensive publicly available resource devoted to British film and video artists. Streaming video clips, new writings, past articles and biographies provide a comprehensive… Continue Reading Luxonline

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Documentary Filmmakers Group

Website: http://thedfg.org/

The Documentary Filmmakers Group – DFG – is a comprehensive resource for documentary filming and has been running since 2001, operating as a non-profit organisation. Our presence, our activities and o… Continue Reading Documentary Filmmakers Group

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Media Art Net

Website: http://www.mediaartnet.org/index/names/

Theoretical and audio-visual references for the genre of media art. 

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Website: http://www.mites.org.uk

The Moving Image Touring & Exhibition Service (MITES) is the national exhibition technology resource for artists and exhibitors in the UK. Based at FACT in Liverpool, it offers technical support and s… Continue Reading MITES

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