OF Open-Frames

Website: http://www.open-frames.net

Open-Frames is an archive for performance based work, addressed to the public with the invitation to publish personal work.

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Website: mailto:openart@126.com

OPEN is the largest and longest-running non-governmental international Performance Art Festival in China. Founded in 2000 to establish a free international performance art platform in the spirit of op… Continue Reading OPEN10

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Performance Matters

Website: http://www.thisisperformancematters.co.uk

Performance Matters was a five-year creative research project exploring the cultural value of performance, its increased public presence and vital force, and its extensive circulation as a concept and… Continue Reading Performance Matters

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The Live Art Archive

Website: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/theatrecollection/liveart/liveart_archivesmain.html

The Live Art Archives include the Record of Live Art Practice, the National Review of Live Art Archive, the Digital Performance Archive, the Arts Council England Live Art and Performance Archive, the… Continue Reading The Live Art Archive

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Arch 468

Website: http://www.arch468.com/

In the centre of Brixton and available for hire to theatre and performing arts groups who need a good quality, affordable space.

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Website: http://www.thisisunbound.co.uk

Online shop and guide to essential reading in live art.

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Toynbee Studios

Website: http://www.artsadmin.co.uk/toynbee-studios

Toynbee Studios has five spaces catering for professional work, ranging from intimate spaces where artists can experiment to high spec dance and theatre studios for larger production/ rehearsals, as w… Continue Reading Toynbee Studios

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