Website: http://www.unbiased.co.uk

‘We provide resources including a hub full of tools and calculators to help with financial planning, legal issues, and information to help you manage your money and life events, as well as a whole lis… Continue Reading unbiased.co.uk

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Association of British Insurers

Website: http://www.abi.org.uk

Professional association which addresses complaints and inquiries related to insurers.

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Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Website: http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk

Citizens Advice Bureau are one stop shops where basic advice and information on your rights can be obtained. There are many centres around the UK and also an online advice.

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Website: http://www.dacs.org.uk

Established by artists for artists, DACS is a not-for-profit visual artists’ rights management organisation that acts as a broker for 90,000 artists worldwide. Since DACS was founded in 1984, they hav… Continue Reading DACS

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Website: http://www.lawworks.org.uk/

LawWorks supports lawyers to volunteer their professional skills to assist individuals and community groups who cannot afford to pay for legal help and who are unable to access legal aid or other form… Continue Reading LawWorks

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Website: http://creativeip.org/

A resource created by the Careers and Employability department of the University of the Arts London, Creative IP is aimed at the creative students attending all six of the UAL Colleges,  to help them… Continue Reading Own-it

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Swan Turton LLP

Website: http://www.swanturton.com

Swan Turton, media and entertainment lawyers, have a specialist Photography and Visual Arts section which offers legal advice and support to trade associations, arts organisations, galleries, arts bus… Continue Reading Swan Turton LLP

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The Henry Lydiate Partnership

Website: http://www.thehenrylydiatepartnership.com/

A business consultancy that helps clients with projects in all areas of creative and cultural practice. Founded by Henry Lydiate, one of the UK’s most respected visual arts legal specialists, with ove… Continue Reading The Henry Lydiate Partnership

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