198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

Website: http://www.198.org.uk

198 Contemporary Arts mission is to advance public interest in the visual arts, as well as nurture and support the career of emerging, under-represented artists. Notions of globalisation, culture, ide… Continue Reading 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

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Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary

Website: http://arq.st/1z1T7hE

This annual bursary for deaf and disabled artists working in the visual arts has been established in memory of Adam Reynolds by Shape in collaboration with his friends and family. Each year the bursar… Continue Reading Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary

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Disability and carers benefits advice

Website: http://www.gov.uk/financial-help-disabled/overview

Collected information on benefits for disabled people and their carers.

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Enabled London

Website: http://www.enabledlondon.com/default/1.home/index.htm

EL is the capital’s leading internet site dedicated to providing you with accessibility information about social & leisure facilities within London. Includes restaurants, galleries, museums and ot… Continue Reading Enabled London

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Shape Arts

Website: http://www.shapearts.org.uk

Shape Arts is a disability-led arts organisation which works to improve access to culture for disabled people by providing opportunities for disabled artists, training cultural institutions to be more… Continue Reading Shape Arts

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