Davidoff Art Residency

Website: http://davidoffartinitiative.com/residency/international-artists

The Davidoff Art Initiative welcomes five international artists to take up residency at Davidoff International Art Residency in the Dominican Republic in collaboration with Altos de Chavón, the countr… Continue Reading Davidoff Art Residency

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Website: http://milchhof-berlin.de/

Milchhof is an artist-led studio organisation in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin, in the heart of the creative quarter. Membership comprises visual artists, makers and small creative businesses, and together t… Continue Reading Milchhof

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Website: http://www.m4gastatelier.nl/

M4gastatelier is a temporary living, project and work space in the heart of Amsterdam for international artists. It is based in the long-established M4 studios complex, an artist-led co-operative hous… Continue Reading M4gastatelier

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Baer Art Center

Website: https://www.baer.is/

The art center’s focus is to host short residency sessions, thematic workshops and art classes for visual artists, architects and designers. Baer Art Center is located in Northwestern Iceland.  

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Skaftfell Center for Visual Art

Website: http://skaftfell.is

Skaftfell runs short- and long-term residency programs aimed primarily at visual artists, but those with an interdisciplinary practices are also eligible to apply. The Residency Programs at Skaffell a… Continue Reading Skaftfell Center for Visual Art

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Nes Artist Residency

Website: http://neslist.is

Nes provides artists with a workspace and living quarters within Skagaströnd, a small town in North West Iceland.Nes is a multidisciplinary residency that accepts applicants from all creative fields. 

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SIM Residency (Seljavegur and Korpulfsstadir)

Website: http://www.sim.is

The SÍM Residency in Reykjavík, is an an international residency program for artists with two locations in Iceland. The main objective of the SIM Residency is to function as a direct link between visu… Continue Reading SIM Residency (Seljavegur and Korpulfsstadir)

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Intercambiador Residency

Website: http://intercambiador.tumblr.com/

Intercambiador  is a cultural association based in Madrid offering residencies through an exchange programme between Spanish and non-Spanish artists. This includes, lectures and exhibitions. Intercamb… Continue Reading Intercambiador Residency

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Espacio Islandia – Micro Residencies

Website: http://espacioislandia.com/en/category/microresidencias

Espacio Islandia offers a unique artist-in-residence programme: two hour residenceis are granted  with a limited budget of two Euros per artist of all ages and nationalities. Full use of the two hours… Continue Reading Espacio Islandia – Micro Residencies

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El Ranchito Residency

Website: http://www.hiap.fi/opencall/el-ranchito-finland-residency-exchange

El Ranchito is a research and development project supported by Matadero Madrid exploring alternatives to convential exhibition formats and new models of organisation within cultural institutions. El R… Continue Reading El Ranchito Residency

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