El Ranchito Residency

Website: http://www.hiap.fi/opencall/el-ranchito-finland-residency-exchange

El Ranchito is a research and development project supported by Matadero Madrid exploring alternatives to convential exhibition formats and new models of organisation within cultural institutions. El R… Continue Reading El Ranchito Residency

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Residencia Artística

Website: http://arteorema.wordpress.com/residencias-artisticas/

The ESARQ opens a new artist residency program in the heart of Guadalajara, Mexico.combination. It combines free production with local professional mentoring.The resident artists are selected based on… Continue Reading Residencia Artística

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Apollonia art exchanges

Website: http://www.apollonia-art-exchanges.com/

Apollonia defines itself as a platform of cooperation in the area of the visual arts between European countries and, more specifically, with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, t… Continue Reading Apollonia art exchanges

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Residencia en la Tierra

Website: http://www.residenciaenlatierra.org/01_ing_dequesetrata.html

Founded in 2009 with the purpose of establishing points of contact between diverse artistic disciplines, the main goal of Residencia en la Tierra (Residence on Earth) is to offer artists, writers, res… Continue Reading Residencia en la Tierra

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Elsewhere Resicencies

Website: http://www.goelsewhere.org/residencies/

Elsewhere Collaborative, a living museum and experimental production environment in downtown Greensboro, set within a three-story former thrift store, boarding house, Elsewhere residencies invites exp… Continue Reading Elsewhere Resicencies

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Art Villa Garikula

Website: http://www.garikula.com/

Art Villa Garikula invites, hosts and promotes contemporary art residencies, education programmes, culture festivals and meetings in Garikula, Akhalkalaki (Kaspi region, Georgia); an art village where… Continue Reading Art Villa Garikula

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Chateau de Sacy

Website: http://www.chateaudesacy.com/art/e_call.php

Since 1996 they have hosted not only exhibitions by British and local French artists, but also artist residencies funded by national and UK organisations They offer one month Summer residency, with fr… Continue Reading Chateau de Sacy

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Europos Parkas

Website: http://www.europosparkas.lt/English/residency.html

An international artists’ residence is situated in beautiful landscape just 19 km north of the town centre of Lithuania’s capital. The Centre of the European continent – a symbolic cross-roads of dive… Continue Reading Europos Parkas

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Kamiyama Artist-in-Residence

Website: http://www.in-kamiyama.jp/en/

Resident artists sought annually for the Kamiyama International Village of Humanities and Arts, Japan. Every year for two months from September to November, three artists are invited to Kamiyama. Duri… Continue Reading Kamiyama Artist-in-Residence

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Nka Foundation

Website: http://www.nkafoundation.org/projects.html

Nka Foundation Arts Project Residency is a part of their ongoing project of tapping local resources for sustainable human capital development through a focus on the arts. Artistis in diverse fields of… Continue Reading Nka Foundation

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