West London Art Factory

Website: http://westlondonartfactory.com/

West London Art Factory are a unique and creative collection of art studios based in West London. Home to 20+ residents working on varied and exciting projects, WLAF is an ideal space for collaboratio …

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West Dean College

Website: https://www.westdean.org.uk/study/degrees-and-diplomas/courses?type=accredited&subcategory=Visual+Arts

West Dean College offers full-time accredited Visual Arts programmes. Students can specialise in Painting and Drawing, Sculpture or Tapestry and Textile Art, and gain a Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate …

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Threads DIY Gallery Crits

Website: http://www.threadskent.com/critique

Threads DIY Gallery Folkestone crits are open for all visual artists who want to discuss their work with other artists. Threads crit sessions are for visual artists to discuss and develop work-in-prog …

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Website: http://bishopsland.org.uk/

Bishopsland is a post graduate residential course designed to provide a bridge between a university degree and the ability to forge a career as a self-employed silversmith or jeweller.

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n.paradoxa Online Course

Website: http://nparadoxa.com/

Free MOOC (mass open online course) on contemporary art (post-1970) and feminism from n.paradoxa.

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Website: http://www.wysingartscentre.org//opportunities/syllabus

Syllabus is a peer-led alternative learning programme that supports ten artists across ten months. The programme is developed and run by Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, Iniva, New Contemporarie …

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Turps Banana

Website: http://www.turpsbanana.com/

Artist-run magazine and art school focused on painting. Includes a studio programme, correspondence course and artist surgeries.

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School of the Damned

Website: http://schoolofthedamned.com/

School of the Damned is a free postgraduate art course run by, and for, its students. It exists to promote access to free education as a fundamental right and stands in opposition to the current syste …

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The Other MA (TOMA)

Website: http://www.metalculture.com/projects/toma/

The Other MA (TOMA) is a 12-month alternative art education model, set up by practicing artists and based at Metal Art School in Southend-on-Sea.

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Open School East

Website: http://www.openschooleast.org/

Open School East is an artists’ study programme, based at Resort Studios, Margate, that engages with its surroundings and with varied communities – artistic, local and otherwise. They provide an envir …

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