Radical Routes

Website: http://www.radicalroutes.org.uk/

A network of housing and workers cooperatives working for radical social change. 

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Website: http://adhoc.eu/great-britain/

Vacant property protection specialist, offering both Live-in Guardians accomodation and Workspace Guardians for office space at highly reduced rates.

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Live-in Guardians

Website: http://www.liveinguardians.com/guardians/

London-based company offering live-in protection to empty buildings. Always looking for live-in guardians for their properties. 

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Website: http://uk.cameloteurope.com/

Since 1993 Camelot Property Management has temporarily housed people in vacant (usually business) properties as protection against vandalism and squatters – effectively running like a short-life housi …

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Confederation of Co-operative Housing

Website: http://www.cch.coop/

The Confederation of Co-operative Housing was constituted in the United Kingdom in 1993. CCH membership is open to all housing co-operatives, tenant-controlled housing organisations and regional feder …

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Home ownership schemes

Website: http://www.gov.uk/affordable-home-ownership-schemes

If you live in England and can’t afford to buy a home, you may be able to get some financial help through a home ownership scheme.

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Homes and Communities Agency

Website: http://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/homes-and-communities-agency

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is the non-departmental public body that funds new affordable housing in England. It was established by the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 as one of the succe …

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Acme Studios

Website: http://www.acme.org.uk

Acme Studios supports over 700 artists and provides 573 studios in the Greater London area, runs work/live and studio residency schemes and manages an international residencies programme for visiting …

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