Destination Bulgaria


Destination Bulgaria is a travelling gallery, uniting the works of young Bulgarian artists, working in the field of contemporary visual arts: multimedia, video, photography, slides, net-art. Destination Bulgaria is an opportunity for young artists to honestly express themselves, and a means to a self-definition. Multimedia installations, TV screens, projectors, slide-projectors, monitors, cameras, night window screenings and sounds presented in non-traditional galleries, the offices of the student and youth travel agency Usit. The Usit offices are situated in major communicational, trade, and central places in European capitals: London, Madrid, Brussels, Dublin. A huge amount of potential audience – young travelers pass every day trough these spacious locations. There is no other more affordable and non-limited chance for the young artists to show their art, and provoke their audience: the travelling young generation around the world, in order to create sensibility and let young people accept world diversity, the informational, cultural, spiritual, and social revelation, exchange and identification.


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