HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs)


Government department (amalgamation of old Customs and Excise with Inland Revenue) responsibile both for collecting personal taxation and customs tariffs. Provides comprehensive information on its functions and your legal responsibilities in paying tax. Services for UK companies trading overseas with little or no exporting experience, from initial queries and market research to advice on finding the right contacts, export procedures and legal issues. Information on VAT and exporting of artworks, national insurance, statutory maternity leave, sick pay and all other personal tax matters. It is your responsibility to register if you are self-employed, by telephoning your nearest office or checking the site – your tax office will then send you the relevant forms and on receipt of them will issue you with a tax reference number. For enquiries or help with your tax return outside office hours, telephone 0645 000 444 or see the IR website for general guidance. Local Business Support Teams (for businesses, as opposed to freelancers/sole traders) provide help and advice to new or small businesses and employers, on topics such as payroll, employment and tax. Free workshops and one to one consultations are available.


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